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What we see inside

(2019 - 2020)

The project is about pushing the traditional knowledge of the poster as it is to something more experimental and more connected to the art itself. Each of the posters has its unique story/topic they cover but the main goal of this project was to tell an entirely visual story instead of a story traditionally told through the combination of image and text. The goal was to completely remove typographic elements from the narrative.
Four hundred posters are split into four main categories depending on the color (red, blue, yellow, black) and the general topic they cover. When split into main categories, some posters are split into smaller series.
Although they are missing some elements of traditional posters, they are still sending messages and telling stories as they were initially intended to. In the end, it's all about the viewer and the connection they establish while looking at the artwork. The stories are not necessarily preconceived and there is a certain freedom that each viewer has in interpreting what they see, feel and take from each artwork.

The project was exhibited in several museums in Croatia and Romania. Some pieces have become a part of the Covasna County Cultural Center collection and were published in an artist book Volumes of Darkness (Bruxelles) as well as in several art zines Semioculus (Estonia).

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