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(2019 - 2020)

We live in a world in which nothing ever really stops moving and we rarely stop, too. New spaces, people and inventions become dull and boring and we stop noticing them. After we see the sunset a thousand times it rarely inspires us. However, what happens if we capture simple and ordinary people and spaces and twist the image around? The result is newfound symmetry, abstraction and grids.


Once a dull and boring picture becomes interesting and memorable again. These photographs show the world what we see every day but from a new perspective. They are simultaneously chaotic and calm, they prove that even the simple and ordinary frames hold the potential to become something special and extraordinary.

The final nine images are a combination of digital and analog techniques. Images that were taken with digital equipment were printed on tracing paper and physically moved one over another to get the perfect symmetry. This way, photography as a medium, was pushed a step further.

The project was exhibited as a solo exhibition in several galleries in Croatia.

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