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Eye through eye through eye


The idea is to explore the space I currently live in, as well as the interaction of other family members in it. Series of images faithfully show the space, routines of the family, and the atmosphere of the home in a documentary way. The main focus of this project was not on technical correctness, symmetry, or other elements of the composition but the reality of space as well as the routine of the family members.  

The inspiration for the filter box that was used with the camera is drawn from the camera obscura. The filter itself is made of plexiglass and plastic foil. Physical filter imitates analog photography even though a digital camera was used when making a photographic image. The visual code of the traditional digital image was changed.

The final product is a series of photographs created digitally through a physical filter. The photos leave an impression of nostalgia and introversion, and at the same time relaxation as well as the safety of people who are in their own space. The colors, light, slight blur, and graininess of the photos set the photos apart in an interesting way and create an atmosphere of warmth.

Photographs were made during the lockdown in Croatia.

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