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Culture in Focus is an international photography competition, with its 7th edition being very special. This installment stands out as it not only features a showcase of the finest photographers but also includes a dedicated exhibition and publication. The accompanying monograph encompasses the outstanding photographs dating back to the competition's inception in 2015, offering a comprehensive journey through its remarkable history.

The book was presented as a part of PDC Conference Blaž Baromić conference in 2022.


With the development of technology, we have witnessed various changes, both in the technological sense and in the social-communication, in which typography plays an important role. This paper covers the themes of typography in the general sense, static typography, kinetic typography, and other sub-types of typography with examples whose history is extremely long. An important role is played by kinetic typography, which in this paper is divided into two main units: analog and digital kinetic typography. Each of them is explained in more detail through a number of different examples in practice. The publication looks at the concept of analog kinetic typography through a series of visual interpretations and unites them in a unique way.

The book was exhibited as one of the finalists in ZGDW Awards in 2023.


The book is divided into three main sections: Elemental typography by J. Tschihold, Swiss typography by E. Ruder, W. Weingart and R. Kinross, and Emigre by Z. Licko, G. Unger, and J. Keedy. Chapters in this book are designed as rules themselves, meaning each chapter is a new rule that defines that specific chapter. The chapter Elemental typography consists of ten separate subchapters while in the other two units Swiss typography and Emigre consist of three subchapters each. Each chapter is designed to refer directly to the text itself or to its context. The idea was to design the book as a historical manual related to the most important segments of the history of typography whose influence can be seen even today in various sub-branches of graphic design.

The book was exhibited as a part of The Exhibition of Croatian Design 21/22 in 2023.


The inspiration for book design comes from the movie Stonehearst Asylum, directed by Brad Anderson. The movie was released on October 24th, 2014 and it was inspired by the short story "The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether" by Edgar Allan Poe.  Main goal was to design a book from a perspective of a „lunatic“ as a continiues dialog with no time relevance. The textual part that refers to “lunatics” is presented in non conventional way while those “normal” are presented as “lunatics”. In other words, the whole logic of showing people as well as reading a book is reversed. Each character was assigned a different letter while the characters of Dr. Newgate and Eliza are in the same letter, but a different letter cut. Their relationship is the most important in the whole movie, so they themselves are highlighted / treated differently from the rest of the people.

The book was exhibited as a part of Zagreb Design Week in 2021, DA! festival in 2022 as well as The Exhibition of Croatian Design 21/22 in 2023.