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THE 9TH ECHO (brand identity)

The idea was to create a modern minimalistic logotype for a music festival that can be recognized on the international level. That being said the client is not rich but it is popular among the younger generations since the music they would play is mostly techno.

The type used in the creation of the logotype was Open Sans (bold). The letter “E” and the number “9” are custom-made. The letter “E” is designed around the idea of movement and although it mentions two times in the name of the festival, there are two variations of the letter both facing the middle and the word “9th”.

EXPOSURE (brand identity)

Exposure is a platform made exclusively for photographers. It is a platform on which photographers can show off their work, search for other photographers or look and sign up for active international photography competitions. It is a platform that has it all, with the main goal to build an outstanding community unlike any other.

The logotype is made out of simple geometric shapes which form a unique logotype that stands out. Minimalistic, modern, timeless, and unique are the words that best describe the logotype whose main focus is on making the best of the best platform out there. The same idea was behind creating a logomark for the brand. The logomark is a combination of two letters E. One of them is reflected toward the other to make a square shape that represents the community between the photographers. The logomark is also inspired by the viewfinder on a camera.

IMPERIAL (brand identity)

Imperial is a luxury fashion house based in Italy which is consisted of some of the best fashion designers in the world producing modern and elegant outfits.

The idea was to design a bold, modern, and unique logo that is timeless and memorable. Inspiration for logotype comes from pillars that are most common in roman architecture. The logotype is custom-made out of three elements that repeat in letters and the primary color used in the logotype is Roman Red.

AQUA (brand identity)

Aqua is a spa company. The idea was to design a simple, modern, and elegant logo that is eye-catching and that describes the services of the company Aqua. The font used in the logo is custom-made and the primary color used is Anakiwa.