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Analog Kinetic Typography explores kinetic typography and its creative possibilities in analog media. The central theme revolves around the juxtaposition of "fixed" and "fluid" typography, challenging conventional boundaries. Kinetic typography is mostly associated with digital creation and usually exists in digital spaces. This work explores it beyond the digital realm, extending it to print.

The analog media does not offer explicitly defined content, rather it encourages readers to explore and interpret their own understandings and vision of the works within the pages. Progressively, from the beginning to the end of the book, the complexity of the works gets higher. While the book currently comprises ten chapters, its potential for expansion remains limitless, reflecting the boundless avenues that analog kinetic typography can explore.

Ultimately, the reader's perspective is a crucial tool for experiencing the book, as the book invites contemplation on the varied dimensions of kinetic typography - what it is, what it should be, and everything it can encompass in different media.