Nikola Mišel Puklin_profile_photo2.jpg

Nikola Mišel is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Croatia.


He had a dozen group exhibitions as well as four solo exhibitions. His work was also published several times in Estonian magazine “Semiouculus” as well as in "Volumes of Darkness" (Belgium). In 2020 he has won the Rector’s Award for the best student project and in 2021 he was one of the finalists in Zagreb Design Week. He has been active in graphic design, illustration, drawing and painting since 2011 and has lately been experimenting with photography and digital arts.


The goal behind his work is to create something seemingly fictional, but based on real-life events that are seen differently, in a more personal way. Nikola’s work doesn’t necessarily show reality, but the new ways of looking at it and his goal is to make the viewer think about it, question it, and induce their emotions.